Neighbours, Transform Book

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PetersBrook is pleased to sell ‘Neighbours, Transform your Street’ to Christian Bookshops, Prayer Groups, Churches and Ministries.

Specification : 240 pages, Full Colour, 170 x 243 mm (Portrait), 681 grams.

We currently have a range of offers to suit both Christian Book sellers, Prayer Groups and Churches, who would like to make a purchase at a substantial trade discount.  Prices listed are per book.  Please select correct quantity at checkout.

Qty Description RRP £ Trade
1-4 Neighbours Transform your Street 1-4 Copies
30% discount
FREE Postage and Packing
£10.00 £7.00 btn_buynow_SM
5-9 Neighbours Transform your Street 5-9 Copies
35% discount
FREE Postage and Packing
£10.00 £6.50 btn_buynow_SM
10-14 Neighbours Transform your Street 10-14 Copies
40% discount
FREE Postage and Packing
£10.00 £6.00 btn_buynow_SM
15+ Neighbours Transform your Street 15+ Copies
50% discount
FREE Postage and Packing
£10.00 £5.00 btn_buynow_SM

Description for Sales : – Connecting the needs of our immediate neighbours with God, through the power of neighbourly care and prayer, is the heart of this amazing book. These pages are bursting with information from different prayer and community initiatives around The United Kingdom. Full of fascinating facts and testimonies, this is a fantastic resource on how local churches can engage with local streets and draw closer to Jesus in the process. Prayer is the most powerful way we can bring change to the broken lives and our neighbours on our streets. This book helps the reader to start praying for their neighbours, and then their street, to see our entire nation covered in life transforming prayer! Major church prayer resource with contributions from: The Neighbourhood Prayer Network, The Order of St Leonard, The National Day of Prayer, Rev. Canon J. John, Christians Against Poverty, The Eden Network, Tearfund, Samaritans Purse, Street Pastors, Street Angels, United Christian Broadcasters, Sporting Marvels, Saltbox and much more!

Endorsements : –

I believe with all my heart that this grassroots prayer network in neighbourhoods,
is part of the key catalysts to ignite the fires of revival and transformation that is
about to erupt within the British Isles in our life times.
Jonathan Oloyede, Founder, National Day of Prayer

I believe that this project will not only take Christ into our communities, but will
open the door for social as well as spiritual breakthrough.
David Carr, Order of St. Leonard

I welcome this prayer initiative, which I am convinced will end with action
and transformation.
Roy Crowne, Executive Director,

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